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It's got a bit quiet in here recently, so here's my recommendation for a reasonably priced curry in Central London

Chowki is an Indian restaurant in Denman St, London W1. Denman Street is tucked away behind Piccadilly, on the north side opposite the Rainforest Cafe. The seating has a feel of Wagamamas, but the dark wood gives a touch of class. Don't expect napkins in the shape of swans, and definitely no flock wallpaper!

Most dishes come from three distinct areas - Northwest Frontier, Lucknow and Goa. We chose the Regional Feast where you get a starter, main course and pudding from one area. Our starters were both variations on kebab, with mint chutney and salad. Spicy and tender, rather good. The main course (all included in the price) is served thali style, with little dishes of meat course, veggie side dishes, rice and bread. DON'T expect a large bowl of meat curry, you get a little bit of everything but believe me it adds up to a filling meal. We chose different regions so we could mix and match and again, all yummy.

Pudding was less successful. Unless you're a big fan of Indian style puds (heavy on the yogurt), choose a different set menu.

This was a bargain at £10.95 a head. We didn't have wine, but a small Cobra was £2.45. You can choose a lighter meal if you prefer, and there's plenty of choice for vegetarians.

Most people seeking cheap food in this area would head towards Chinatown, but if you're in the mood for curry I recommend Chowki.
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